Asha Impact enables results-based collaboration between business leaders who want to tackle socio-economic challenges in India by leveraging their combined capital, networks and expertise. It does this through three sets of activities:Impact Investments, Venture philanthropy, Policy Advocacy.

We wanted to create a simple website with clean design. The design needed to be easy to navigate and easily organised. We used orange as the primary color and used a rounded friendly sans serif font, to further reinforce the brand image. 

Final Thoughts

We were working on a very tight deadline on this project and it was crucial that the website design gets out as soon as possible. Which is why we worked on creating a home page and then developing the rest of the pages in similar styles.  

Orange and green make a good combination which is why the images in the slider will be greenish in color. Along with working with the overall theme, those colors will also bring a more lively feel to the design.  


Asha Impact


UI – Design


March 2016


Website Design