Elanic is an app that helps you sell your pre-owned goods. They started with women’s lightly used clothing and accessories and then expanded to be multiple categories. We worked on creating a UI which is clean and crisp, and more modern so that the users can relate to it.

The UI was designed based on the key brand color and black as the main colors. From there we designed a UI which will bring the focus on the images which area key part of the app. 
We built the icons for the app as a part of a set so that they all can work together. We designed about 40 icons, and we decided to keep a few ideas in mind while making the icons. We wanted to have rounded edges which will add the much needed softness and approachability so that the app doesnt look too formal and high fashion.   

Final Thoughts

Elanic was an excellent project to work on because the control of multiple different verticals that I got with it. Apart from the UI design, I also had the opportunity to consult on branding and Graphic design, and that helped me built a more wholesome picture in my head for the brand, and at the end we came up with a result that we were really proud of. 

The best part of the UI design was getting to balance playfulness and quality. We wanted to communicate that this is a brand where we care about the customer’s trust and faith. With preowned goods that can sometimes be an issue, but at the same time we also wanted to balance it with some amount of approachability so that the user doesnt feel like this is an isolating experience.






July 2015


Wireframes / UI Design