Klozee is an app for women to rent fashionable clothing at amazing prices. They are trying to eliminate the need for users to purchase new clothing everytime they want to go out.

We had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve with the app. The flow was discussed and designed so that the users have a large lateral mobility across the different offerings that the product has. The app has 3 major flows,  and the exploration loop being the most important of them all. We made sure that the design was intuitive and easy to remember. We also had to make sure that wishlist-ing should be an important part as users might want to save a lot of their choices to order them later.  

Final Thoughts

User experience design for klozee came with interesting challenges, but the most interesting part of the design experience was to create the flow from home screen to product screen. Having the home screen mostly focus on the individual product surfing experience was a good way of ensuring that the users have their focus on only one product at a time . 

The color palette came from keeping a fashion focused but user friendly design aesthetic in mind. We wanted to make sure that while the design should stand out, it should also feel like it is approachable and simple. 




UX – Design


November 2015


App User Experience Design