Lucideus Cyber Security is a company which provides network security solutions to companies and also work in conducting workshops in organisations and colleges.

We worked together to develop an identity for the client which reflect the professionalism and expertise they have in their business.The team comprises of 4 founding members (depicted by the 4 petals in the logo) and we chose the deep blue shades to convey depth and maturity. The values of trustworthiness and safety were conveyed by the use of a serif font which also conveys stability.

While designing the stationary and collaterals, it was important for use to keep in mind that we are presenting a company which is working in the digital field, and we need to convey seriousness. All of the print design is done with using the 4 brand colors in mind and we have arranged them in multiple patterns. Using different variants gave the much needed flair to the brand but at the same time, the subtle and serious colors kept the identity intact. Most of the design is done with clean design as a goal, and the only experimentation came in form of posters which were to be used in colleges and schools, where the target audience will be younger.

Final Thoughts

Working with Lucideus presented an interesting challenge as we were working with branding a young and digital company but we wanted to communicate trust, security and expertise. We also wanted to make sure that the energy of the brand isnt lost.

I feel the solution in terms of using a mix of calming shapes and colors in the logo, while creating interesting patterns in the collateral ended up working the best for this project. The part I feel worked the best was the usage of an analogous color scheme, where both black and white could work with it and create a beautiful palette.


Lucideus Tech




April 2013


Logo, Stationery and Collaterals