Logistics are stressful and for any business a simpler solution for it is always welcome. Porter provides that solution by bringing everything  you need right to your mobile, where you can give any and all details and then rely on them to jus take care of the logistics for you. A one stop solution right in your phone.

We worked on multiple iterations of wireframes to get down to a flow which was intuitive and made sense from a user’s perspectives. The main flow was the “booking” sequence around with the rest of the design was developed.
The brand already had a specific blue which we used as the primary color for the UI. Grayscale shades were used as the secondary colors. Overall the design was mostly geometric shapes. 

Final Thoughts

Overall what made this project interesting was that we had to develop a design which will probably be used multiple times by the same users over the course of same day but might also be used by several different user who will use it once or twice a month. For that we had to strike a balance between making the flow quick and easy to understand. 

My favourite part was working with such a delicate palette and combining it with iconic elements which made the final product look professional and clean. Working from the wireframes and fleshing them out into the final designs was a delight.






May 2015


Wireframes / UI Design