Established in 2014, SKB Agrotech is a renowned manufacturer of farm solutions and equipments across a comprehensive range.  Through high quality, reliability and strong customer focus, SKB Agrotech wants to establish as a brand of choice amongst its customers in India and abroad.


We wanted to build a logo which can be understood by even the most grassroot level customers and that they can relate to, and feel trustworthy. The concept initially started with the words (agro +tech) and we wanted to include the natural as well as technological aspect of things. In the end we decided to go with the image of tilled ground with a sapling growing out of it. While the major focus is on the sapling, the ground gives it structure and stability. This is what we wanted to communicate as well .
The brand guide book was created to help maintain a unified branding across different platforms and sections, and as the brand grows into something bigger, we will be able to branch out while still maintaining the same language.  

Final Thoughts

In this project I had the opportunity to work with Mr. SK Bohra himself, who had a clear vision for his brand and how he wanted to connect with his customers. That clarity helped us in coming up with a clean and crisp design which can help build a trustworthy brand.

The blue and green colors along with the simple shape and geometric typography helped the logo with stability. The favorite part for me was how we managed to communicate the technical aspect through just simple tilled ground. Without anything excessive it is something that everyone can still relate to. 


SKB Agrotech




May 2015


Identity, Brand Guide, Stationery and Collaterals