You Glo Girl is a girl’s party organiser based in calgary. They provide packages for young and teenage girls, and help parents plan amazing parties for their kids.

The logo was to be simple, friendly and girly. Adding stars as a graphic element helped in building a branding which worked with the different versions of the mascot character. All the stationery materials were created with a purple-red-pink theme, and using the mascot as a visual element. The different characters were important because they are the faces of different packages that YouGloGirl offers to its clients.  
While working on the website as well as print design work, we wanted to maintain the friendliness and party-like feeling of the brand. 

Final Thoughts

You glo girl was a really fun project to work on, as it had elements of illustration and lots of bright colorful shapes to play around with. We worked together from start to end and it ended up build a very cohesive brand image. 

A lot of my strength in design comes from my usage of colors and being able to creatively use different elements and reuse them and having the different mascots really worked as a strength. 


You Glo Girl




May 2014


Branding, Stationery, Website and Marketing Collaterals